We are a tight-knit team of elite international wedding videographers in Greece, Europe and around the globe. Over the last ten years, we have gained expertise in offering a wide range of high-end destination wedding videography packages from local to international.


Read our story of perfect artistic chemistry and meet Tassos, the life and soul of MONT videography team.



 We started weaving our story threads together into a creative whole back in 2013, when we were privileged to film our very first medieval chateau weddings set amidst scenic gothic scenery somewhere in the Czech Republic. This creative encounter marked the initiation of MONT videography into the amazing realm of destination wedding cinematography. As our story unfolds itself over a progression of many years, we've been honoured to film countless weddings and elopements in bucket list wedding destinations across the globe. 


The style of our wedding videos is reportage and documentary. From our perspective, though, a wedding trailer is more of a piece of art that you will cherish for evermore than a mere documentation of your big day. The concept of narrative is of paramount importance to us, as we try to fully captivate the enchanted viewer with an exquisite scenario of understated elegance to be cherished for evermore. We fervently wish that you are enamoured of your wedding film as it evokes the essence, the energy and the uniqueness of your wedding day and its perfectly timed moments in the most authentic way. 


You’re here because you want a tangible reminder of all the action and the reaction, the real laughter and that tiny falling teardrop of joy. We are here to give you a seamless experience and infuse a dream-like quality into your perfectly imperfect, heartfelt moments of love, beauty and magic.




A dreamer by instinct and an adventurer by inclination, the dashing Tassos is endowed with a fierce, restless energy and a zest for life. Inquisitive by nature, he relished the challenge of delving into the realm of Physics and Civil Engineering in his early adulthood. Although he would proudly hold his graduation certificate, he listened to his inner voice and trusted his gut feeling that it was meant to meet his destiny off the beaten truck. He decided to map out an unanticipated career trajectory that would enable him to grow through novel experiences and express himself by exploring both his inner world and the world around him.

The amazing art of videography ultimately provided the ideal outlet for his creativity and self-expression. It is an art of incessant learning and growing and he is happy and proud to achieve both on a daily basis. His path to becoming a destination wedding videographer was given out of the pursuit of his twin passions of travelling the world and eternalising all the lovely details of a couple’s dearest moments. What means the world to him is to bring the happiest smile on your lips as you will be watching your wedding film in awe and tears of bliss. Those very smiles and nostalgic tears give him the much-needed renewed impetus for his talent. Blending utmost professionalism with a knack to make everybody feel at ease,

Tassos believes that personal growth into a better self that makes others feel relieved, relaxed and secure is of the utmost importance, a tenet he also lives out through his role as a volunteer rescuer and a first aider. His motto is: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Adapt. Embrace change. Smell fear. Find your limit and go beyond it. Keep creating! Keep learning!”




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